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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Have you joined a Trade group?

Their are many placed to receive advertising through on the Internet. Have you ever joined a trade group or a "swap and shop" group? You can find these through yahoo groups. Their are many groups like this to choose from so make sure you take your time and go through them. Some times you can join one and see how they operate before you join in, if you don't like them you can simply send the moderator a nice email explaining that you are not interested.

How does a swap group work?

When you join a group the moderator will place you in a group of 5-20 people (depending on the size of the whole yahoo group). You will be required to purchase any one item from the company of one of the consultants in your group. Usually they require one purchase once a month, some groups require 2 or 3 purchases a month. Each consultant will have their advertising time once or twice a month and each other member in your group must purchase an item from you.

Some questions to ask your self before you join a particular swap group:
- Is the moderator active? Does she help out, answer questions, and make sure all members obied by the rules?
- Am I going to be available to get to a computer during the times I need to make a purchase or receive sales?(If you are gone a lot, this wouldn't be a good idea unless you have a access to a computer to answer questions and such. Being an active member helps you meet more people and give you a good name.)
- Am I here to help others out? or just to make sales? ( Both! Don't join just to advertise, its a great way to meet other consultants. Other members will catch on quickly if your an advertising "troll". They wont read your post and you will be deleted quickly from the group.)

Cons of joining a group:
- When it comes time for you to purchase any items from a consultant, the company they represent may not be your "cup of tea". Either way you must purchase something. Think if a friend or family member would like or use something from that company.
- Their are a lot of people who join just to make sales and than they leave and just take the sales and never purchase from anyone else.
- If your a little tight with money very often,don't join. Not only will this be a hard time for you but if you cant make a purchase for another member it can lead to lots of bad reports for you.

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novelartsanddesigns said...

Hi-thanks for the great advise! I did my 4th show today- it was somewhat sucessful. A little disappointing-low turnout. Had a lot of positive feedback on my jewelry.. that's a good thing.

Thanks again, shows are sure a lot of work -