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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Mystery Hostess Party!

Looking for a great way to invite everyone you know and those that you want to introduce to your company? Have a Mystery Hostess Party! Dont know where to start? :

-Make a list of friends and family that would be interested in attending, dont forget co-workers and teachers.
- Send out an email or call to everyone with the date and time. Include what specials you will be having, if their will be snacks, drink or games. Also let them know if any prizes are going to be given out.
-Let them know the rules: for example: for every $10 you purchase, you will receive one raffle ticket (or however much you would like to make it). If a person books a party that day they will receive 5 raffle tickets. If they join under you they will receive 10 tickets.
- Try and close the party the day of so you can get the total of the party , draw the mystery hostess and let them pick out the FREE products and or half-off items.
- If the party isnt able to close that day..give them a week at most and than close it.

DO's for a successful Mystery Hostess Party
-DO call and email as many people as you know
-DO advertise
-DO state the "rules" clearly of the party before hand
-DO close within a timely manner
-DO email/call all guest afterwards thanking them for coming

-Do not change the rules in the middle of the show
-Do not cheat on the drawing of names, just because "Maria" is a friend doesnt mean she should receive the products. Everyone came for the chance to win also. Even if the name drawn is that of an enemy, reward them.
-Do not state an exact amount that the mystery hostess will win until all of the orders have been processed.

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